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Leo Textile
Our ERP system tailored for the textile industry, LEO TEXTILE, is preferred by giants of the textile sector due to its features that allow it to be designed according to customer expectations and cover all the details of business processes.
WiLOOM is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) developed by Güncel Yazılım R&D Center, enabled by IoT devices and software. It allows textile businesses to monitor and manage their machinery online within the system, providing real-time tracking and control capabilities.
Kendin Yonet
Kendin Yönet is an integrated software solution that facilitates social and financial relationships between residents and management in apartment complexes and housing sites. It regulates interactions and aims to simplify human life by incorporating features such as bank integration and mobile applications.
Arge Yonet
We eliminate Unnecessary Time, Data Loss, and Document Clutter. ARGE YÖNET provides fast and accurate solutions for preparing R&D incentive activity reports in compliance with regulations, as requested by the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology.