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If you love what you do and are willing to do whatever it takes, you can achieve your goals. Every minute of the nights you spend alone, thinking about what you want to design or build, will be worth it.

Steve Wozniak (Apple)
Education And

Aligned with our company values, we always support the personal and professional development of Güncel Yazılım employees through programs that focus on continuous improvement and a high-performance culture.


One of the key objectives of the performance management systems implemented at our R&D Center is to ensure that our employees’ potentials are developed and evaluated to the highest level.


The colorful world created to add value to the lives of Güncel Yazılım employees, enable them to express themselves with their colors and core values, and realize shared dreams.

Employee Reward System

  • Income and performance-based bonus system.
  • Year-end seniority bonus starting from 3 years of service, ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 Net Monthly Salary.
  • Supplementary Health Insurance. (50% of the cost will be covered by the company for the employee’s spouse and children)
  • Fuel Support.
  • Birthday Gift Voucher.
  • Annual gym expense support for a healthy future.
  • Daily Per Diem Support for out-of-town assignments.
  • 7% Sales Commission for team members for newly launched products.
  • 1 Net Monthly Salary Bonus for employees who complete their Master’s degree
  • R&D Project Award Support
    • o European Union :     350.000 TL
      • Project Award : 21.000 TL
      • After Project Approval: 49.000 TL
      • Project Closure: 280.000 TL
    • TUBITAK Project Award :     250.000 TL
      • Project Proposal : 10.000 TL
      • After Project Approval : 40.000 TL
      • Project Closure : 200.000 TL
    • KOBIGEL Project Award :     150.000 TL 
      • Project Proposal : 5.000 TL
      • After Project Approval : 24.500 TL
      • Project Closure : 121.000 TL
    • National R&D Project Award :     50.000 TL 
      • Project Proposal : 7.000 TL
      • Total for employees involved in the project team : 43.000 TL
  • Event Participation Award Support
    • Participation in Conferences, Congresses, and Workshops: 10.000 TL
  • National or International Article Award Support
    • National Article Award : 15.000 TL
    • International Article Award : 30.000 TL
Why Guncel Yazılım?

Our Industry Structure: At Güncel Yazılım, one of the defining characteristics that sets us apart is our ability to transfer knowledge, teachings, and experiences from generation to generation. At Güncel Yazılım, you can enhance your skills in your desired field and reignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: We utilize both our intuition and the experiences from our past to guide us. Güncel Yazılım also operates as an R&D center. By collectively turning our employees’ dream projects into reality through R&D, we continuously strive to be innovative.

Our Leadership Approach: We are versatile thinkers, seeing each employee as a talent and placing them where they can best utilize their skills.

Our Culture & Art Perspective: Through our corporate social responsibility projects in various fields, we give back to society what we gain from it. We support the creation of a contemporary lifestyle, and together, we progress toward a more modern future.

  • In everything we do, we prioritize people.
  • We encourage open communication; we act honestly and transparently.
  • We share our knowledge and experiences with our team members.
  • We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, develop new and creative ideas, and push boundaries.
  • We work to benefit ourselves, our team, our company, and our community, progressing toward a modern future together.



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