WHAT IS arge yOnet?

ArgeYonet is a software that simplifies the management of Research and Development (R&D) centers, as defined by Law No. 5746. This comprehensive application includes staff, projects, human resources, and cost management modules.

After obtaining the designation of an R&D Center, we observed that the processes defined by laws were quite challenging to carry out quickly and accurately. Therefore, based on the meticulous management of our R&D center and in response to the unmet demand in the market, we conducted in-depth analyses and developed the foundation of the ArgeYonet program.

This project aims to assist R&D centers in efficiently managing complex tasks within limited time frames. Organizations can handle these challenging tasks easily and swiftly with features including Staff Tracking, Project Management, Accounting, External Task Assignments, R&D Incentive Calculations, Monthly Attendance Calculations, and Assigning Staff to Project Work Packages. This, in turn, will provide more opportunities for R&D centers to focus on R&D projects.

With ArgeYonet, you can easily track employees’ working hours using data from the Time and Attendance System (PCS) from anywhere you want.

You can define projects from institutions such as R&D, TÜBİTAK, TEYDEB, and KOSGEB and create Project Packages using ArgeYonet.

The ArgeYonet system prepares monthly attendance calculations for each employee based on data from the Time and Attendance System (PDKS), entered leaves, and official holidays.

ArgeYonet provides detailed reports that allow you to perform strategic analyses based on projects, project packages, and staff.


With ArgeYonet, you can effortlessly monitor employees’ working hours using data from the Time and Attendance System (PDKS).

You can review employees’ daily/weekly/monthly working hours and obtain detailed daily reports.

On a per-employee basis, you can analyze the fulfillment of weekly mandatory working hours, and verify whether weekend compensations have been granted.

Utilizing the external assignment system, you can define and view where and in which role your staff are when they are not at the company.


With ArgeYonet, you can efficiently manage your projects in full compliance with the regulations of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology and the laws of Turkey, saving you time.

ArgeYonet enables you to define projects from institutions such as R&D centers, TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), TEYDEP and KOSGEB.

You can create project packages, input activities within your project packages, and assign staff to these activities.

You can add descriptions to the activities, meticulously define your projects in the system down to the finest detail.

Attendance calculation

ArgeYonet prepares monthly attendance records for each employee based on data from the Time and Attendance System (PDKS), entered leaves, and official holidays.

Within the attendance records, you can find details about working days, weekends, public holidays, paid/unpaid leave, sick leave, annual leave, paid days, bonus days, R&D bonus days, and the R&D man-month rate. This comprehensive calculation ensures accuracy and completeness.

detailed reporting

Eliminates Unnecessary Time, Data Loss, and Document Clutter. Leave it to Us for Flawless Progress of Your Projects.

  • Detailed reporting on a project basis
  • Detailed reporting on project packages
  • Detailed reporting on a staff basis
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